Strawberries from Fruit World

The strawberry is the most popular soft fruit. Strawberries are perfect for combining with other soft fruits such as blueberries, redcurrants, blackberries and raspberries. The strawberry is what is known as an accessory fruit, or pseudofruit. It is the small pips on the outside that are the actual fruits. 

Fruit World and strawberries

Fruit World is a major exporter of Dutch strawberries. In early 2010 we successfully launched the early variety Clery, the first brand-new Dutch strawberry. Characteristic of this variety is the fact that it is grown by many of our own growers in Brabant, an excellent growing area around our Breda base.


Besides Dutch grown strawberries, Fruit World also works with its own growers in Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Israel and Ethiopia. This way we can guarantee year-round delivery. 


The main Dutch varieties are Clery, Elsanta and Sonata. Portugal: Figaro. Spain and Egypt: mainly Festival and Fortuna. From Israel and Ethiopia: Yoval and Yale.

Pack sizes

Fruit World supplies strawberries in virtually any pack size the customer wants. The most common are 250 g and 500 g. Premium quality strawberries are specially selected for the ICONS brand.


Strawberries are available all year round.

Strawberry Calendar

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