Redcurrants from Fruit World

Redcurrants have a small flower remnant, they are about 1 cm in diameter and grow on trusses (strigs). They are generally light to dark red in colour and transparent. The sweet to tart flesh contains a number of light brown pips.

Fruit World and redcurrants

Fruit World has its own growers and storage facilities so as to ensure short lines to preserve quality. We mainly supply the Rovada variety, which has a good colour, quality and flavour. Redcurrants have formed part of the Fruit World soft fruit range ever since we started out.


Dutch redcurrants are available almost all year round. We also supply redcurrants from Chile between February and April. In late April/early May our redcurrants come from our growers in Portugal.


Early on in the season we supply the Junifer variety, followed by Rovada.

Pack sizes

Redcurrants are supplied in closed and open packs of 125 g and 150 g. Premium quality fruits are sold under the ICONS brand.


Redcurrants are available all year round.

Redcurrant Calendar

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