Raspberries from Fruit World

After the strawberry, the raspberry and the blueberry are the most popular products in the soft fruit category.

Raspberries are pink to dark red fruits. Like the strawberry, the raspberry is a member of the Rosaceae family, to which the rose also belongs. And like blackberries they are made up of lots of small spheres called drupelets. Raspberries are very juicy and sweet, firm and evenly coloured.

Fruit World and raspberries

Fruit World is always closely involved in developing new varieties. So we now have varieties that meet our own and our customers’ wishes in terms of taste, firmness and shelf life. Raspberries were one of the first fruits to feature in the Fruit World product range.


With our own growers in the Netherlands and Portugal and a farm in Tanzania, Fruit World can supply raspberries all year round. 


Our main varieties are Kweli®, Amira and Imara®. Typical of these varieties is their long shelf life, beautiful shape and colour. These varieties are mainly grown in the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Tanzania.

Pack sizes

This fruit is supplied in closed and open packs of 125 g and 150 g. Premium quality raspberries can be found at Fruit World under the ICONS brand.


Raspberries are available all year round.

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