Pomegranate seeds from Fruit World

Pomegranate seeds, which are also known as arils, are part of the flesh of the pomegranate. They are a beautiful transparent red colour and are similar to maize kernels in shape. Pomegranate seeds are ready washed and taste fresh and juicy with a firm, crunchy bite. You can eat pomegranate seeds as they come, but they are also delicious in yoghurt or salads.

Fruit World and pomegranate seeds

Fruit World counts pomegranate seeds as soft fruit. They have a short shelf life, they are red and they are a luxury, healthy product – all the properties that characterise soft fruit.


Pomegranate seeds are prepared for consumption in India. The pomegranates come from Afghanistan, India, Spain or Israel. After harvesting, the seeds are removed from the pomegranates, washed and packed.


The variety of pomegranate we use is Bhagwa.

Pack sizes

Our pomegranate seeds are sold under the Discovered label and are available in 100 g, 1 kg or 3 kg packs.


Pomegranate seeds are available all year round.

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