Blueberries from Fruit World

The blueberry is a blue-black berry with a matt, dull surface. The blueberry is not the same as the bilberry, which is a different species. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and make a delicious snack that is ideal when you’re on the move.

Fruit World and blueberries

We work very closely with the growers on our own farm in South Africa. We are also supplied by Dutch, French and German growers. In South Africa we have farms in three different places and at different altitudes. This enables us to supply South African blueberries from September through to the end of February. The blueberries we grow in South Africa are exclusive varieties.


In the Dutch season, Fruit World blueberries come from our own blueberry growers. We also work with growers in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Morocco, Germany and France. From September through to the end of February we supply blueberries from our own farm in South Africa.


There are various varieties of blueberries. Here they are, listed per country of origin:

  • South Africa: Jewel, Snowchaser
  • Spain, Morocco: Chandler, Brigitta, Bluecrop
  • France: Spartan, Patriot, Bluecrop
  • Netherlands: Duke, Reka, Patriot, Bluecrop, Alliott
  • Germany: Draper, Duke, Reka, Spartan, Bluecrop

Pack sizes

Blueberries are supplied in the following pack sizes:

  • ICONS 12 x 125 g with banderole, 12 x 150 g open
  • Aroma 12 x 125 g, 10 x 250 g, 8 x 250 g, 10 x 300 g, 10 x 500 g
  • 12x125 zonder label of orginal label


Blueberries are available all year round

Blueberry Calendar

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