Blackberries from Fruit World

The blackberry is in the same family as the strawberry (Rosaceae). The delicate sweet fruits with their characteristic flavour consist of lots of spheres called drupelets. The flesh is sweet and juicy. The first blackberries of the season can be on the tart side, but later ones are deliciously sweet and juicy.

Fruit World and blackberries

We source our blackberries from our own indoor and outdoor growers, with short lines that enable us to meet our customers’ needs. This guarantees perfect quality. Besides our Dutch blackberries, we have our own direct import channels that offer guaranteed quality fruits.


Dutch blackberries are available from April to November. When the Dutch season is over we import our blackberries mainly from Mexico, Guatemala and Portugal.


Here in the Netherlands, Loch Ness is the most common variety. The main variety grown in Mexico, Guatemala and Portugal is Tupi.

Pack sizes

This fruit is supplied in closed and open packs of 125 g and 150 g. Premium quality blackberries can be found at Fruit World under the ICONS brand.


Blackberries are available all year round.

Blackberry Calendar

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