Fruit World

A passion for soft fruit. Love for a special product. These are the driving forces behind Fruit World. We act as intermediaries for growers and growers’ organisations across the world on the one hand and retailers on the other. Because soft fruit is a category that deserves attention!

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Passion for soft fruit

The world of Fruit World is the world of soft fruit. Our main category is strawberries. We work exclusively with reliable producers who can meet our stringent quality criteria. Plus we can offer year-round continuity for other types of soft fruit as well: blue and red berries, raspberries and blackberries.
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Quality is crucial

Quality is important in every industry. However, in the fresh produce industry, quality is crucial – particularly for a vulnerable product such as soft fruit. That is why standards at Fruit World are high. Throughout the production and supply chain from grower to customer we have incorporated benchmarks to guarantee the reliability of our products. 
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Flexibility comes as a standard

Soft fruit finds its way onto retailers’ shelves in a wide range of packagings. So what could be more efficient than a supplier who delivers soft fruit in the correct packaging to begin with. This flexibility comes as standard at Fruit World. As specialists in strawberries, blue and red berries, raspberries and blackberries, we go to great lengths in customer-specific packaging. 
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